Welcome to the VR Glaciers and Glaciated Landscapes forum!

This secure, password-protected forum is for educators at any level who use VR Glaciers (https://vrglaciers.wp.worc.ac.uk/wordpress/ ) in their teaching. The primary purpose of the forum is to provide guidance on the interpretation of the landforms and landscapes that feature in the virtual field trips. However, it is also hoped that users will take the opportunity to share experiences, good practice, and even teaching resources. The latter is very much in the spirit in which VR Glaciers has been developed — as a free-to-use, educationally useful resource.

Forum Registration

Please note that forum registration is:

  • restricted to educators (i.e. teachers, lecturers)
  • requires Admin approval (so there will be a delay – sorry)

The decision to make the forum password-protected and restricted to educators is to maximise the opportunities for using VR Glaciers for teaching and assessment activities.

A work in progress…

The forum opened in March 2020. It will take some time — and community involvement — to become a genuinely useful resource. Please do get involved.

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